Introducing sfwash Rapido

sfwash has been delivering laundry and dry cleaning to the City's homes and businesses for over a decade.

sfwash rapido is a new service which complements our existing service. sfwash rapido allows customers to order UberRush to pickup laundry on demand. Once you place an order, UberRush is dispatched immediately to your home or business to pickup your laundry. Once the order is completed, you will be sent an email invoice. When you login and pay for your order, an UberRush is dispatched immediately to sfwash to pickup your laundry and deliver it to you.

sfwash, our existing service, is an inexpensive pickup and delivery service for laundry and dry cleaning. Customers place orders the day before for pickup and delivery. We also offer a service where customers give us keys to their apartment buildings and we pickup and deliver laundry based on a pre-arranged schedule. sfwash is the most reliable and reasonably priced laundry service in San Francisco.